TERI NA is the only Indian not-for-profit research institution with an established presence in North America. In the ever-changing global order, it is apparent that there is a greater convergence between the US and India on various strategic issues that are bound to reflect themselves in the form of higher levels of cooperation on various issues of development. The strengthening of ties between these two countries, accompanied by the growing affluence and influence of the Indian diaspora, are compelling reasons for TERI NA to become more pro-active in its identified areas of ability.


To establish TERI NA as the developing country conscience of global policy-makers on issues of energy, environment, and sustainable development and to mobilize support towards these issues.


For fulfilling the above vision, TERI NA would:

  • Continue to sensitize, through policy analysis and targeted outreach, the decision-makers and global influencers in North America (US and Canadian Governments, World Bank, UN agencies, Foundations, the corporate sector) on issues of importance/concern to developing countries through various media
  • Inform the policy-makers in India and other developing countries of the political and strategic drivers of global policy-making in the US and Canada
  • Mobilize the support of the Indian diaspora towards developmental investments/grants in India by providing them with a reliable channel for funneling/managing such finances towards identified activities
  • Work with US organizations responding to USAID programs in India to better orient such programs to the needs of the country.
  • Strengthen the networking with leading North American universities to enhance the delivery of academic courses through TERI University by facilitating a regular flow of information on relevant literature and developments in the curricula.