Issue 01, August 2013

R K Pachauri Meets Secretary Kerry in New Delhi
On his maiden visit to India as Secretary of State, John Kerry painted an apt picture of the 'changing world' which we inhabit today. A world facing challenges in almost all walks of daily life, be it scarce resources; increased energy demands or climate change. All of which constitute TERI's areas of core expertise and activity. Kerry said, "One of India and America's strongest shared traditions is our love and our skill, our affection, for innovation. Indian Americans make up just one percent of our population in the United States, but they create eight percent of all the technology and engineering start-ups."
Appreciating Dr Pachauri' work in the field of climate change, Secretary Kerry identified entrepreneurs, scientists, students, citizens as important stakeholders who have much to contribute in this process of equalling challenges faced by the two democracies.
  Read Secretary Kerry’s full address on the U.S. India Strategic Partnership  
Secretary Kerry Announces USAID's Support of $100 Million for Clean Energy Projects in India
USAID's $ 100 Million investment in renewable energy projects in India will help greater participation of the private sector in this growing sector. Not only will this help address equity financing of projects in a cost-effective manner; through multi-fold leveraging, this initiative unlocks a vast potential along low carbon pathway. Besides, it further strengthens US-India ties in the clean energy field.
TERI Ranked Best Think Tank on Climate Change
The International Centre for Climate Governance (ICCG) has ranked TERI number one in its 2012 ICCG Climate Think Tank Ranking, under the 'Absolute Global Rankings' Category. Besides TERI, the other think- tanks that featured in the absolute ranking list were: Belfer Centre for Science and International Affairs; Woods Hole Research Centre; Resources for the Future; Princeton Environmental Institute, etc.
4th U.S.-India Energy Partnership Summit
Themed Stimulating Technology, Trade and Development, the 4th edition of the U.S.-India Energy Partnership Summit was held on 13th-14th May, 2013 in Washington, D.C. Co-convened by TERI North America and Yale University, the Summit engaged participants across government, industry, think tanks, academia, and financial institutions.
Policy Brief: Shale Gas in India
The self-sufficiency America has attained owing to shale gas, has created much interest with respect to the commodity in Europe and India. The Indian sub-continent is keen on exploring shale gas domestically to balance its supply-demand graph. But what works for America, will it be good for India too?
UNIDO Director-General Li Yong Lauds R. K. Pachauri's Efforts as Goodwill Ambassador
During their recent meeting, UNIDO Director-General Li Yong expressed his gratitude to R. K. Pachauri for championing UNIDO's core theme – the role of manufacturing and sustainable industrial development in the overall development process. TERI is one of four partner organisations associated with UNIDO, with Dr. Pachauri designated as their Goodwill Ambassador since 2008.
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